Friday, April 10, 2009

A remarkable man

How about the Capt. Richard Phillips from Vermont who is currently a captive of the Somali pirates? After his civilian ship was hijacked, Phillips negotiated a deal for his crew to be released in exchange for his own life, then after his crew was safely away he attempted a daring escape by plunging into shark infested waters late at night, only to get recaptured by the pirates.

They don't make many guys like this anymore and I feel myself drawn to this situation more than some others. Somalia was the setting for the "Blackhawk Down" disaster/movie, btw. I pray for a safe escape or successful rescue.

Will you take a moment to pray for him? May the Lord deliver him from his physical bondage. More importantly, if he is not a Christ follower, may he find the One who will set him free from his real captivity. If he is, may he be encouraged and strengthened by his Redeemer.

Here's hoping this one ends well . . .

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